Food Branch

Suppliers’ audits

Suppliers’ audits are the elements of effective monitoring and managing of suppliers in order to determine the areas of potential risk. During such audits the effectiveness in meeting the expectations of customer is verified.


Suppliers’ audits are mostly conducted in the process of:

  • qualifying a new supplier
  • cyclical supplier’s evaluation, to verify if a supplier meets customer’s expectations
  • deterioration of the service’s or product’s quality, increasing number of complaints etc.


We offer to conduct an audit on district chains, restaurant chains in order to check their compatibility with the corporate policy or with a chosen food safety standard. We also offer conducting audits in distribution centres.


Benefits of conducting audits by an independent company:

  • objective evaluation of a supplier
  • determining the weakest side, areas to improve
  • confirmation of meeting the quality and legal standards
  • independence and efficiency
  • reduction of time and effort the employees of the company have to invest
  • improvement of the supplier’s management system


Qualified and experienced audit staff offers conducting audits according to customer’s needs and requirements.