Cosmetics Branch

Physico-chemical testing

Physico-chemical cosmetic testing provides safety, stability and efficiency including determination of basic quality parameters and product composition, as well as the determination of hazardous substances.


We provide comprehensive performance testing within the specifications of the physico-chemical both on raw materials and a finished product. Our lab also provides an expertise to confirm the compatibility properties in compliance with requirements of standards as well as with the technical specifications claimed by the producers.


Equipped with proven expertise in cosmetics testing, we offer a broad range of services:


  • heavy metals (arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury, nickel)
  • water activity
  • nitrosamines
  • preservatives
  • allergens
  • pH
  • water content
  • density
  • chlorides as NaCl
  • dry organic substance
  • foaming power


We also offer analytical services of:


  • creation and validation of analytical method HPLC/GC/ICP
  • purity analysis
  • identity analysis
  • analytical method transfer