Cosmetics Branch

Home and personal care products performance tests

Acceptance and preference is an important source of information about the product. Assessment of the performance by a potential customer will verify whether the product meets its requirements, as well as the extent to which it is desired.


During testing we receive evaluation of human responses to the product’s efficiency such as stains removal, or ease of application. We provide analysis either of a single product, as well as the product compared to the product of competition and/or market leader. Results from the test are mostly numeric values supported by statistical analysis.


Our vast base of potential testers enables proper selection of participants in the study, in terms of frequency of use of the product group, age, gender or socio-professional category.


Our modern and well-equipped testing facilities allows a standardized and in controlled conditions various services. The advantage of lab condition testing is the ability to monitor the conditions of the evaluation in terms of the frequency and duration of use, pollution standards, as well as local conditions (size, temperature and humidity rooms).


Most frequently conducted tests are:


  • Home use test
  • Home use test by ECOLABEL method
  • Efficiency testing of stain removal products for delicate fabrics and cottons
  • Efficiency testing fabric color protection
  • Efficiency testing dishwasher detergents and enhancers