Environmental Testing

Environmental documentation services

J.S. Hamilton Poland’s specialist and resources are equipped to provide industry-leading technical expertise and consulting services in the field of environmental protection. Our team of highly qualified experts advises and develops environmental and design documentation combined with testing and research services.

Environmental documentation services:

  • Preparation of applications for the integrated permit with full documentation. Also verifications, updates and revisions to the integrated permits, including initial reports (collection, analytics and examination of the results in the form of a report) or evaluation of the lack of necessity of the initial report (preliminary analysis).
  • Preparation of sectoral permits:
    • In the field of waste management:
      • applications for a waste production permit
      • applications and documentation for a waste collection and processing permit
      • applications for a waste transport permit
      • annual analysis of urban waste condition
    • In the field of water/waste water industry:
      • Aquatic legal survey (including amendments and updates) such as:
        • groundwater and surface water abstraction
        • discharging sewage into water or ground
        • discharging industrial effluent into drainage facilities
    • In the field of emission into air:
      • applications for a permit to introduce gases and dust into air
      • submission of installations not requiring a permit which emit gases
  • Preparations of waste reports and ecological fees reports.
  • Environmental auditing including:
    • thorough analysis of the environmental effect in all components by a specific plant
    • determination of formal and legal requirements of a specific plant and used technology
    • review and assessment of the correctness and completeness of documentation in the field of environmental protection
    • verification, update and adjustment of the permits and authorizations to the needs of the plant
  • Consulting on environmental issues concerning environmental regulations, also meeting the requirements of the received permits, effective solutions and substantive support.
  • For the realized investments:
    • Project’s Information Sheet
    • reports on activities affecting the environment
  • Directions for operating landfills